School Supplies


New and Improved class supply list 2019-2020.xls

Kindergarten - Mrs. Major
1 box of bandaids
2 boxes regular size Crayola crayons -PRIMARY COLORS
2 boxes Crayola Markers Primary colors!
1 package Expo dry erase markers
2 sets of water color paints
scissors - metal
1 pencil box approx. 12" long x 5" wide
or 2 small supply boxes. (approx. 9x5)
2 Elmer's Glue
5 glue sticks
2 lg. box Kleenex
2 packages #2 sharpened pencils
1 pack of Expo Vis-a-Vis wet erasers markers
1 Hard Cover composition notebook (wide ruled)
2 large pink erasers
1 pair of PE shoes stays at school
Water bottle w/ closable lid ( NO GLASS)
2 container sanitizing wipes
2 boxes Zploc sandwich bags last names that start with A-H
2 boxes Ziploc gallon size bags last names that start with I-Q
2 boxes Ziploc gallon bags last names that start with R-Z
1st grade - Mrs. Benson
2 bottles of White Glue
Glue Sticks
Pink Eraser
Water colors
Expo Markers
2 Three Ring Binders
2 Folders
Choose 2 of the following
Hand Sanitizer
1 Gallon Zip Lock bags
Cleaning Wipes
Any art supply

2nd grade - Carrie McHugh
Please label supplies with their name on it
2 Boxes of No. 2 Pencils
3 glue sticks
1 bottle of white glue
set of pencil erasers
A set of colored markers
A set of crayons
A set of colored pencils
3 pocket folders
Ruler with inches and centimeters
1 spiral notebook
One highlighter
One small pencil sharpener with cover
One zip-up backpack and a water bottle
Pencil Box
Paint shirt
Set of paints and brushes
1 set of P.E. shoes for gym only
1 Primary journal
(has special dotted lines in it and a spot for a picture-usually found at Wal-mart)
To share: set of white board markers, 1 box of Kleenex,
disinfectant wipes, healthy non-perishable snack
3rd grade - Mrs. Ehli
        *Each Student*
1 backpack
1 pair of PE shoes to keep at school
1 reusable water bottle to keep at school
1 Pencil pouch or box
1 pair of scissors
1 box of 24 ct. crayons
1 box of 12 ct. color pencils
1 set of headphones or earbuds to keep at school
4- wide ruled spiral notebooks (1 subject)
1- Yellow 2 pocket folder
1- Green 2 pocket folder
1-2 boxes of tissues
1 box of hand wipes
1 box of bandaids
1-2 packs of 24 #2 pencils
1-2 packs of wide ruled notebook paper
1 package of dry erase markers
1 package of pink erasers
1 package of highlighters (1-pink, 1-yellow, 1-green)
1 bottle of white glue
1 package of glue sticks
4th grade - Mrs. Mecham
Please label ONLY the supplies that have an (*) with your child's name
3-4 packages of #2 wooden yellow pencils (Yellow Dixon Ticonderoga prefered)
2 pink erasers
1 pack expo markers (4 count - no yellow please)
highlighters 1 pink, 1 yellow, 1 green
1 blue or red pen
*1 box crayons 24 pk
*1 box color pencils 12 pk
*1 box fine tip marker 10 pk
*1 pencil box
*1 bottle white glue
2 glue sticks
clear plastic ruler (able to see through - does not bend)
1 RED poly / plastic folder with 3 prongs and 2 pockets
5: 2 pocket folders (1 each: blue, green, yellow, orange,)
1 package of graph paper (quad ¼ inch)
2-3 packages of filler paper (wide ruled)
3 spiral notebooks (1 subject, wide ruled)
3 composition books (wide ruled)
1-2 boxes Kleenex
1-2 canisters antibacterial wipes
1 pump bottle hand sanitizer
*small reusable water bottle to be used in the classroom
*PE shoes (non-marking) to be kept at school for gym class
*Recorder for Mrs. Morgan's Music Class
5th grade - Mrs. Early
Folder with Bottom pockets (1)
Colored pencils
1 package dry erase markers
1 eraser
2-3 colored pens for correcting
Fine Black Sharpie
Ultra Fine Black Sharpie
6 Glue sticks
3 packs loose leaf Notebook Paper
3 spiral notebooks
3 ring binder 1 1/2 inch
8 dividers for binder
Plain white index cards (2 packages)
1 box Kleenex
Separate pair of non-marking PE Shoes
1 recorder for music
1 Pkg highlighters pink, green, yellow
1 bottle white glue
1 box of Bandaids

Middle School
Grades 6, 7, 8
Composition notebook (6th-3, 7th-1, 8th-1)
pkg. 3x5 index cards (7th-1, 8th-1)
College Ruled Loose Leaf Paper (6th-1, 8th-2)
Single Subject Spiral Notebooks (6th-1, 8th-5)
1 pkg. colored sharpies (8th only)
1 3-subject sturdy notebook (6th only)
1 pink eraser
2 pkgs #2 Wooden Pencils Ticonderoga preferred
1 pair sharp scissors
4 Pocket Folders
1 pkg. fine tip colored markers
3 glue sticks
1 pkg. highlighters multicolored
1 pkg. fine point Expo Markers
1 inexpensive Solar Calculator with square root
1 ruler
1 inexpensive pair of earbuds labeled and left at school
1 reusable water bottle
1 box on Bandaids
1 pair of PE shoes - Non marking soles
1 boxes tissues
1 bottle of hand Sanitizer