Key of the Month

The Key of the Month for October is Commitment.

8key - Commitment
COMMITMENT – Make your dreams happen
Take positive action. Follow your vision without wavering.

Commitment is the breathtaking moment of making a compelling decision, jumping in, and going forward with gusto. Once a commitment is made, indecision is eliminated—there is no more “Should I or shouldn’t I?” … “Will I or won’t I?” A commitment is not made lightly—it’s about making a decision so strong that there is no going back … like a skydiver who has jumped from the plane!

The decisive act of making a commitment—when we decide to do “whatever it takes” to reach a goal—sets in motion an energy field that propels us forward on our path. At each step along the way, our commitment inspires us to take positive action and overcome obstacles, and pushes us on until we “make it happen.”

Congratulations to those students that worked hard to be recognized for their exceptional display of


K-Lily Chvets

1st-Dailynn O’Roake

2nd-Sofia Christiana

3rd-Zoie Hulford

4th-Tucker Westphal

5th-Alesya Chvets

6th-Eliska Tornerova

7th-Andre Cephers

8th-Ella Lewis