Key of the Month

The Key of the Month for November is Failure Leads to Success. 
8key - Failure Leads to Success
FAILURE LEADS TO SUCCESS – Learn from mistakes
View failures as feedback that provides you with the information you need to learn, grow, and succeed. 

When we live the Key of Failure Leads to Success we see failures as feedback, we learn from them and make the changes needed to be more successful in the future.

To live this Key successfully we may need to change the way we think about failure. Rather than viewing failure in a negative way where we put ourselves down and think WE are a failure, think of failure as a valuable learning experience. When we look at our mistakes with a view to learning from them, rather than sending ourselves negative messages, we are on the path to success.

We may be reluctant to try different things because we’re afraid of failing. Fear of failure does nothing but keep us in our comfort zone where we stick with the familiar, the “safe” choices where we don’t “risk” another failure. When we step out of our comfort zone—when we’re willing to try something new—that is when we take a step toward success. 

The only real failure is not learning from our mistakes. The key to success is to look carefully at what went wrong, change what we did the first time, and try again by applying what we learned.

Congratulations to those students that worked hard to be recognized for their exceptional display of


K-Cordelia Rauscher

Bo Rundle

1st-Melody Smith

2nd-Lola Case

3rd-Opal Phillips

4th-Dana McKinley

5th-Macy Engle

6th-Seline Totten

7th-Baylee Beard

8th-Ila-Pearl Stevens