Kila PTA

What an awesome family evening!!! Thank you to all who came and supported our event tonight!! We are looking forward to our next one!!

We ❤️ our Kila Cougar Community!!

Welcome to Kila PTA.  Our PTA president is Anna Wilson, Secretary-Chloe Christina, Treasure-Jordan Keller.  

Mark your Calendar!! Here are the dates of the PTA meetings for the 2017/2018 school year.  We are always looking for new members!! Please remember.... you DO NOT need to attend every meeting to be a member!!

We will meet the 1st Wednesday of the month starting in October!! We will meet in the library.  If the location is changed.... it will be posted here on our Facebook page.

We look forward to working together!! For our kiddos!

We will be planning a few new fun events!! Here a few examples of what we will be working on this year....

A family spaghetti dinner night with a silent auction, muffins for moms, donuts for dads, lunches for teacher appreciation week, and treat booth at the track meet.... just to name a few 😊

October 4th @ 3:45
November 1st @ 3:45
December 6th @ 3:45
January 3rd @ 3:45
February 7th @ 3:45
March 7h @ 3:45
April 4th @ 3:45
May 2nd @ 3:45

Contact info:  Anna Wilson-261-2040 or visit our Facebook page @ Kila PTA

If you missed the last meeting here is what we covered.....

PTO minutes 😊

Jan 12th- family movie night 

Movie starts at 6:30... PTO helpers arrive at 5:30

* we will use gift cards to purchase needed items

*we will rent a cotton candy machine (@Sonia Petersen.... can you please do this...) the tri state rep is to get back to me but let’s just rent so we don’t have to wait tell the last minute!!) are you ok with picking it up? I can get you a check from the PTO... or PTO can pay you back.. just let me know.  

Mr. Christy will have the gym floor covered and will have chairs ready for us to use... @Jordan Ann Keller had an awesome idea about her kiddos using a sleeping bag!! Great idea!! 😊

*@Holly and @Jami will bring crock pots for the nacho cheese and chili.. they will also bring big coolers of water.  

We will be selling popcorn (microwave), ice cream, nachos, chili, and cotton candy..

Muffins for moms:

Feb 14th 0715-0900

In the after school Room.  

@Holly is going to start the sign up genius.  We are just going to be asking PTO moms to help with this event... and the PTO check book.  

We will be serving muffins, coffee, tea, and juice.  We will also do a fun photo Back drop.. with the awesome Back drop from @Dawn-Lauren and Tony!! .... does anyone have a large coffee pot or percolator ..... we could get it donated possibly from coffee traders but with our event starting so early.. I don’t think that’s the best idea... thoughts?? 

@Holly Chandler Rundle... shared an awesome app called groove book.... it’s crazy cheap photos!! And they come in a little book.. I think it was 100 for $2.99 delivered to your door!! Do you have a referral code you would like to share?? (I think you said you might... but i can’t totally remember )

Anna’s to do list:

*Check with Mr. Christy about locked cabinet.... he is working on this..

*School purchasing popcorn maker.. waiting to hear back from tri-state- PTO to purchase cotton candy machine 

 *Send out PTO questioner to all kiddos for parents to update email address and how they want to help.. this will be going out this week!!  

*put a poll on Facebook to see if any interest in a scrapbooking weekend at the school.... 

Next meeting the 1st Wednesday in February 3:45 in library.  Kiddos are welcome to attend our meetings!! 😊