School Starts September 2nd at 8:30.  See you then.

Visit the Classroom Addition page under NEWS to see pictures of the progress of our classroom addition to the middle school wing of our school.  

Kindergarten Open House and Staggered



Dear Parents of Kindergarten Children:

We have exciting news! To assist your child with the transition to kindergarten, Kila will implement a“staggered start” this year. Using this method half of the class will attend school on alternating days for the first week and half of school.

During these staggered start days I will be able to introduce children to key staff in the school, and allow them to become acclimated to the school procedures within these small groups.

Based upon the first letter of your child’s last name(if your name is different from your child’s, we will go by your child’s last name) and registration dates the following staggered start schedule has been established:

Group 1

Wednesday, September 2

Friday, September 4

Wednesday, September 9

Friday, September 11

Last names beginning with A-L will attend

Group 2

Thursday, September 3

Tuesday, September 8

Thursday, September 10

Last names beginning with M-Z will attend

Monday,September 14 All students attend

Welcome to Kila Elementary School! We look forward to working with your family.

Truly Yours,

Lydia Major

Open House

Who: Kindergarten Parents and students

When: Monday, August 31,2015

Where:Kindergarten Classroom@Kila School

Why: To answer any questions and concerns about the upcoming school year and meet our new students and parents.

Time: 5:30-6:30

On behalf of the Kila School teachers and support staff, I want to welcome you to the 2015-2016 school year.  Our school MISSION is: “Doing What’s Best for Students.”  We are looking forward to working with you to do whatever it takes to make a positive difference in the lives of all students!

Please take time to read the Kila school policy. There are many items that need to be communicated to you at the beginning of the year.  Many of these things are in the student handbook, but are important enough that I wanted to include them in a shorter version for your convenience.  Please read and note the following information. 



   8:25 . . . 1st Bell              8:30 . . . Starting Bell          

    3:00 . . . Dismissal, K-3       3:20 . . . Dismissal, 4-8         

                              11:19 . . . Lunch/Recess, k-2

11:40 . . . Lunch/Recess 3-4

   12:00 . . . Lunch/Recess 5-8



As your principal, I look forward to working with you to make Kila School a special school; a place we all share with pride.  This is your child’s school, but it is also your school.  My door is open to you at any time.  Please stop in and share your thoughts, concerns, or ideas with me.  I am looking forward to a very successful year.  Thank you for your support!

   Jason Christy


Kila School District #20