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Congratulations to Paula Mathiason

Yes, I have been here a longgggg time!  There are only a couple of staff who have been here longer.  Miss Paula has worked here at Kila School for longer than anyone else on staff.  Over the years she has worked here, she has lovingly fed us the best hot lunch in the whole valley.  Maybe even the whole state! Kila School is famous for our lunches. So many guest teachers over the years have commented on how good our lunch is.  Students who transfer in to our school rave about our lunches. Miss Paula puts her heart into feeding us every day. She feeds more than just bellies.....she feeds our hearts and souls with the effort and love she puts into her meals.  So- in recognition of all she does for the staff and students of Kila School, I nominate Paula Mathiason to fall heir to 'the parking spot'. Thank you, Paula! It has been a joy to know you and work with you all of these years!!



Way to go Paula!!

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Attention all students, families, staff, and community members.

Recently we have had a community family experience a tragic loss and as a school we would like to support them in every way that we can.  We have decided to have a HAT WEEK to raise money to help support this family through this very difficult and challenging time. The week of March 18th through March 22nd, students and staff will be able to wear a hat to school and donate $1 each day that they choose to wear a hat to support this family during this unfortunate time.  If you would like to make an additional donation you may bring that to the school office.

Thank you for supporting our Kila neighbors,

Jason Christy

Kila Principal