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Dear Parents & Community Members,

Currently our gymnasium is our catch all building that operates as our auditorium, lunchroom, and gym.  Luckily we have been able to band aide our gymnasium floor maintenance needs for the past five years but it has worn out its useful life.  It is over 20 years old and is now at the point that it could start becoming a safety issue.  It is a plastic tile floor that allows liquids and food to pass through the tile seams during breakfast/lunch and accumulate between the tile and subfloor, creating the perfect environment for mold.  This is a significant health risk that we have been able to avoid to date.  Also, when installed the tiles provided a shock absorption characteristic for our P.E. students and athletes but that resilience has deteriorated.  The floor now provides no give and is like concrete providing no protection for our students if they fall to the floor.  

As an education leader, my top priority and responsibility is the safety of our students.  Unfortunately, our district can’t do this on our own.  Please help keep our students safe.

We have started a fundraiser to raise funds to replace our gymnasium floor.  We estimate that this project will exceed $40,000.  We need your help to spread the word and hopefully get donations to keep our students safe.


Jason Christy

Kila School Principal

We have already received $8380.11!   

Thank you to those that have donated already!!

Please visit:  gofundme.com/2rq2rvdc or visit the Kila School Office to get involved with this important fundraiser.  

STEM MANIA 4-21-2017